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To this end, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated in emails, fax, post. Likewise, the User will be responsible for maintaining all information provided to Spanish Link is up to date and in accordance with the actual situation of the Applicant. Above all, the Applicant will be the sole responsible party of false or imprecise statements made and the damage they may cause to Spanish Link or 3rd parties.


All charges and fees paid for services provided by Spanish Link are non refundable under any circumstances. Please remember that there are no guarantees that you will be granted a remortgage, mortgage or other loan

Without prejudice to other clauses herein, in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions of use by the Applicant, Spanish Link reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Agreement without notice.


Documents Required

It is at all times the Applicants responsibility to provide, where required, all documents as requested by Spanish Link, to support the mortgage application; such as wage slips, p60´s, p45´s, audited accounts, a copy of the nota simple or escritura, bank statements, your NIE/NIF certificate and passport copies.


Since inception, our policy has always been simple to understand and transparent in pricing. That means no unforeseen or hidden charges. The standard fee for obtaining a mortgage offer suitable to the application by client is 2,5% of the amount offered with a minimum of 1.500 €. This fee or other specifically agreed upon between Spanish Link and applicant is payable at notary during signing of the mortgage deed. In case applicant refrains from signing the mortgage deed after a firm mortgage offer has been made by Spanish Link and all matters have been prepared for signing and applicant has been called to appear at the notary, but fails to do so for any other reason than “farce majeur”, applicant is bound to the pay Spanish Link 50% of the standard 2,5% fee here above described or to the full fee otherwise agreed. In all cases when the applicant agrees to the assignment of the services of Spanish Link, the applicant agrees to pay Spanish Link a payment, non refundable, that is part of the fee of the total fee of Spanish Link as described here before, to be set at a minimum of 250€.


As with all mortgage applications you are in no way guaranteed a mortgage offer, and remember that your property may be at risk if you do not keep up the repayments.


Part refund of fees

The return of any fee will be paid into a Spanish bank account. If we are requested to pay the refund into an overseas bank account we will deduct the International banking charges from any refund due.


The refund is only provided on the basis that the applicant has completely assisted with the application in full by providing a completed application form, supplying the required documentation for a mortgage application and paid all charges in relation to a valuation. We cannot be held liable for failure, on the part of the applicant. If the applicant has a change of heart, or is unable to provide the documentation expected then no commitment fee will be refunded.



Valuations are personal and must relate to the client requesting it (namely the lender).


Technology is overhauling the way in which the industry operates. Many tasks have become automated, applications and other data have been taken online and tools have been created that respond to the demands of the fast-paced, time critical nature of today's property market.

All charges and fees paid for services and/or to the intermediary mortgage broker are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Valuations can vary and this could have an adverse effect on being able to receive a mortgage offer if it's valued, for mortgage purposes, at a much lower amount. Many lenders, for commercial reasons have minimum and maximum amounts that they are prepared to lend. Lenders reserve the right (at their discretion) to reduce the the percentage of any advance against the value of the property in question. This may conflict with any earlier financial illustration provided by us and we cannot be held responsible for this decision under any circumstances.



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Modification and Updating of Site

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Mortgage rates, Taxes, Lawyer & Notary fees, Stamp duty and Registry fees

All interest rates and monthly repayments for loans are given in good faith by Spanish Link and can vary (go up and down)) at any time. Rates quoted by us are valid for a period of 21 days. The applicant acknowledges that all errors and ommissions on our part are accepted. Interest rates may vary depending on an Applicants credit history. 


Applicants should allow for additional costs such as lawyer and notary fees, stamp duty, registry taxes etc. Therefore, we always recommend that Applicants contact their own professional advisor for advice on these.


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Legal Jurisdiction

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