Property market is on a up

27/02/2018 09:22

The financial crisis is internationally over but you still see in Spain many signs of it. House prices are still very interesting and way under realistic market values if you would consider the popularity of Spain as a holiday destination and place to live.

The signs of recovery are everywhere to be seen and the latest figures of foreign visits to Spain are overwelming. Spain is now the second largest holiday destination in the world and was a short time even No 1.

Other signs are the final and definite desicions to open the New International Airport of Murcia in end 2018 that will be officially named "Aeropuerto Juan de la Cierva" but probably will be better know as Murcia Airport.

And there are more signs of the recovery such as building activities evereywhere again after a total shut down of severeal years.

In short it is time to invest in a sunny future in Spain.